Tocca Parfume Giulietta 20 ml. Se fuld størrelse

Tocca Parfume Giulietta 20 ml.

Parfume i smuk flacon fra amerikanske TOCCA med skøn duft af pink tulipan og grøn æble.

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DKK 295,00

TOCCA is a sophisticated and modern label, known for its beautifully wearable pieces that exude a feminine, sexy edge and beauty products that are Old World-inspired yet modern.  TOCCA Beauty is renowned worldwide as a fragrance house of distinctive and exquisite scents.  Its perfumers develop scents that are reminiscent of bygone times and familiar places yet infused with the unexpected, creating something altogether fresh and new.  Leaving a touch of mystery in the air, TOCCA’s sophisticated products are meant to inspire and surprise.  TOCCA’s beautiful fragrances can be experienced in a luxury candle collection, fine fragrances, and bath and body products.